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Old Is New Again: Transform Your Interiors With Some Vintage Finds This Summer

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If you are thinking about freshening up your interiors, bring back something old in a new way. Antiques and vintage finds have their place in even the most contemporary homes, but there are suggestions that can make them cohesive and classic. Add antiques to your home but still maintain the modern touches that you are fond of, using a few simple tips:

Mix Things Up

One way to use antiques in the home is through an eclectic mix of your favorite pieces, such as pairing French linens with your family's arts and crafts period table in the kitchen. Combine cultures, time periods, and styles to create new themes and schemes in any room. There is something quite appealing about this juxtaposition; some examples include:

  • Warm up a modern space with handcrafted tapestries or wall hangings from by gone eras. The minimalist style of much modern furniture will draw attention to the complexity and details of your art.

  • Try lightening up bulky, Victorian-style pieces with delicate vintage lace or shimmering silk accents. Use these unexpected fabrics for window treatments, runners, or swags to add an airy touch to the room.

  • Bring some panache to a simple studio or home office with an elaborate light fixture. For instance, in a basic home office, create a paradox with a crystal chandelier to illuminate your workspace.

Whether you are looking to redecorate your living space or spice up your home's design, incorporated these mixed styles can make a healthy influence on your interior's personality. Combining opposites and contrasting panaches makes your space more pleasing to the eye.

Expect the Unexpected

Another way to integrate your vintage finds is to place them in unlikely places; for instance, stack a few antique books on the kitchen counter or put a butter churn in the corner of your bathroom. These unexpected pops of vintage décor can enhance your existing furnishings while bringing a visual point of interest to the space.

Make Your Statement

Make an antique item that you love become a statement piece in the room, such as integrating a beautiful vintage mirror, vintage cigar humidor, elaborate crystal chandelier, or a handwoven Asian rug. Let the item stand out in the room by getting rid of clutter, minimizing your accents, and allowing the antique to shine.

Group Your Colors

Try to group your antiques by color; combine different styles, eras, and forms in a common color to create something amazing. For example, imagine Dansk blue pottery with a weathered blue American-made hutch, and blue wine glasses from Italy in the dining area - gorgeous! This is a great method to meld different and distinct items in a collaborative, functional way.

Show Off Collections

Got a collection of vintage pieces that you want to show off?  Combine your collectibles in one display, like watches or fine jewelry, and position it proudly in one spot. You could arrange your collection on a shelf, a dedicated cupboard, or suspended along an interior wall. Keeping the items together prevents the space from appearing cluttered.

Move It Outside

Flex some vintage muscle outside by placing an antique in the yard or garden. Consider implementing vintage canisters or pots for flowers or an antique wagon for a herb garden. Just make sure to secure valuable pieces to prevent theft, if necessary.

Where to Find These Treasures

While it is possible to score some great antique finds at yard sales and thrift stores, buying from reputable antique dealers ensures authenticity. Many online forums will provide valuable feedback that may help to pinpoint potential sellers in your area. Check local vendors and online sites to find your pieces and compare price points.

Give your home's interiors a bit of something old - in a new way. Buy your pieces only from reputable antique dealers that can offer customer service and satisfaction, and that have a reputation for antiques among customers and clients. Visit Regan Lewis Antiques for vintage treasures that will transform your interiors and bring a fresh face to your entire home!

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