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Ideas for Decorating With Antique Mirrors

Antique Mirror In A Beautiful Frame
Antique mirrors are an interesting and beautiful way to add to the decor of your home. You can use these gorgeous mirrors in many ways, regardless of the overall decorating style in your home. Check out the ideas below for some inspiration.

Add Light With a Mirror

Should you want to make a dark room look a little brighter, place a mirror directly across from the light source for the room, whether this is a window or a lamp. This way, the mirror reflects the light. Use a larger mirror, as it has more surface area to reflect the light. 

Add the Illusion of Extra Space

When a room is small, having a large mirror hanging or leaning against a wall can add the illusion of more space to the room. This strategy works best with rectangular or square mirrors placed against the largest wall in the room. It's even better if the mirror reflects the light as well, as brighter rooms can appear larger.

Make the Mirror a Focal Point

A stunning antique mirror can also serve as the focal point of a room. If you place it properly, it can draw attention away from other less pleasant characteristics of the room. Antique mirrors can be particularly useful for this purpose with their ornate frames and unusual shapes that turn them into work of art.

Use the Mirror to Draw Attention to Another Item

If you have an interesting piece of furniture or architectural feature, you can place a stunning antique mirror so that it draws attention to this item of interest in the home. For example, you could place the mirror on top of the item or across from it so that the mirror reflects it.

Use Mirrors to Form a Gallery Wall

Another option is to arrange many smaller mirrors on the wall, much like you might arrange a group of pictures into a gallery wall. You could also form the gallery wall with a mix of mirrors and photos or artwork. A display like this can make a big visual impact.

Make Use of Blank Space

Do you have a small area of blank wall that could use a little something to make it more visually interesting? An antique mirror could fill this need. Consider placing the mirror in small areas like across from the door in an entryway, at the end of a hallway, or at the top of a staircase.

Add Symmetry to a Room

If you can find matching mirrors, you can use them to add symmetry to a room. Place one on either side of a door, window, or piece of artwork to give the room more of a sense of symmetry. Of course, this works best if the other items in the room add to the symmetry as well.

Bring the Outside In

Consider placing a mirror directly across from a window with a beautiful view. Then you'll be able to enjoy the view outside even if you're facing the opposite wall. This is a great idea for an office, as even just looking at nature can improve your attention levels, according to one study.

Consider Their Intended Purpose

Don't forget the intended purpose of mirrors - reflecting an image. Place an antique mirror across from the bottom of the stairs, by the entryway, or in your bedroom or bathroom. This way, you'll have a handy mirror to check out your appearance where you most need it. You'll find yourself unconsciously looking in the mirror when you go by.
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