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4 Ways to Transform Antiques Into Plant Pots for Your Home

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Both inside and outside the home, people love to have plants. Plants add vibrant colors, fresh looks, and unique landscapes. If you love all types of plants, there are numerous unique ways to use planters both in and out of your home.

Besides traditional planters like vases and pots, you can convert a number of items into planters. Antiques are one of the biggest examples. Learn how to transform a variety of antique pieces into beautiful planters for display on both the exterior and interior of your home.

As you browse through various ideas, you can brainstorm some of your own. This article will help you know what type of antiques to look for the next time you shop.

1. Antique Bottles

As an alternative to traditional bases, flowers and other plants display well in antique bottles. As you shop, there are all types of bottles to purchase for plants. A number of antique bottles are made from glass.

Vintage soda bottles are an ideal vase for freshly cut flowers, while smaller flowers are suited to small glass pharmacy and medicine bottles. Glass medicine bottles are known as apothecary bottles. A number of the apothecary bottles have a slim and flat design, making the bottles ideal for displaying plants and flowers on a shelf.

Larger glass bottles make great outdoor planters. The larger opening on the bigger bottles allows you to plant more plants or larger plant varieties.

Glass bottles may be found in a clear color or tinted with a variety of different colors including blue, red, and brown. Search for colors to match the plants or the decor of your home.

2. Antique Chests

If you're looking for outdoor garden decorations, an antique chest may provide the look and design you're looking for. Antique chests feature vintage designs and a lot of classical looks to choose from. When the chest is left in an open position, the design can serve as an ideal garden bed. 

Fill the chest with dirt, and you can place a lot of different plants inside. The chest creates a unique way to display specific plants that you want to set apart from other plants. If the top cover of the chest is hollow, then you can also fill it with soil and plant items inside it.

3. Lamp Bases

While shopping for antiques, one of the main things you may come across is antique lamps. The various designs are from all different periods and feature painted patterns, various materials, and a variety of colors.

While searching through antique lamps, see how the bases can be converted to planters for flowers and plants. In some cases, you may have to cut or trim the top off the lamp. In other cases, the top may have a large enough opening. Once purchased, just remove the wiring and cover up the bottom to turn the design into a stable planter.

A lot of online tutorials can help with the conversion process once you've found a lamp you love.

4. Kitchen Antiques

Adorn kitchens, sunrooms, and porches with a variety of kitchen antiques easily converted into planters. For example, a large antique gravy boat can easily be filled with some soil and seeds.

For larger plants, antique water pitchers serve as great hosts for soil and plants. Kitchen pitchers come in a variety of materials including silver, steel, ceramic, and glass. Old mason jars have retro vintage designs and can fit a number of smaller plants. Mason jars are ideal for displaying on window sills, counter tops, or in the center of a dining room table.

Find all types of antiques at Regan Lewis Antiques. We can help you choose the best options for the plants and flowers you love to grow.

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